How it works

A 30 minute consultation will be made either face to face, online via skype, messenger, or other suitable mode for you at a cost of £25.00.

Your individual blend (which will last 6 weeks) will be made for you for just £20.00, to be collected for free or mailed to you for £4.00 (uk). International mailing costs vary.

Additional blends can then be ordered for just £20.00, with no consultation fee unless changes are needed (this will incur a small £10.00 fee).

If your case is very complex, then more than one blend may be needed over time.

Should you also wish to manage your menopause with homeopathic treatment, this can be done for an additional £70.00 for an 80 minute consultation, working of your casse and all remedies included.

Total price for homeobotanical consultation and blend: £45.00

Payment to be made in advance via paypal or bank transfer.